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Pilates is a fitness system that builds strength and flexibility while toning lean muscles with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine to give more control and endurance. We provide you a mat at the studio. 



  • Higher core strength and stability

  • Better posture 

  • Improved flexibility

  • Prevention and treatment of back or shoulder pain

  • Strengthen the whole body with emphasis on the core muscles, especially in the abdominal area

  • Aligning the spine and pelvis

  • Prevents injury

  • Improves performance in other sports


  • Spends many hours sitting in front of the computer

  • Incorrect posture

  • Feels weak and tired easily

  • Has chronic neck pain,  shoulders, or lower back

  • Prenatal (special prenatal class)

  • Postnatal

  • Athlete

  • Dancer

  • Elderly 

  • Children

The word Reformer refers to a specialized equipment with a sliding carriage, rigged, springs, bars, and straps used as a practicing tool. Reformer Pilates, as the name says, reforms your body!

What is Pilates Reformer?

It can make the exercise more intense and dynamic or help those with difficulty practicing on the mat by regulating the spring tension. This allows you to work at your own level and progress appropriately.


It gives you a traction and resistance to work with.


With the Reformer, you lie, kneel, stand, and sit to slowly build a balanced body and strong core. The core consists of the muscles of the abdomen, low back, and hips, which is also called the "powerhouse" and is believed to be the essence of a person's stability.


With the resistance created by the Reformer in regular practice, you will get faster results from your workouts and your body will be more elongated making you slightly taller, slimmer and sleeker.

Noriko is specialized in Pre and Postnatal Pilates.

Prepare yourself to have a happy and pain-free 10 month-journey to achieve a successful natural labor! 

For postpartum, a first private session is recommended. All mothers have a unique story about their delivery day. In your first session, your body will be assessed, and a class tailored to your particular needs and body type will be designed just for you! You can also bring your baby with you to the class. Mother and baby private classes or babysitter service is also available. 



  • Keeps fetus fit and healthy

  • Stimulates fetal growth and development

  • Prevents and treats back or shoulder pain

  • Strengthen the whole body with emphasis on the pelvic floor and core muscles which will play a major roll during labor

  • Prepares muscles and joints for labor 

  • Fast recovery after labor


  • Fast labor recovery

  • Helps treat Diastasis Rectus

  • Realign the pelvis and spine

  • Prevents and treats back and shoulder pain

  • Treats urinary incontinence

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