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Body Rolling

It stimulates the bones, elongates the tendons, and stretches the muscles freeing restrictions in any part of the body. It is also an effective stress 

management tool.

What is it?

It elongates the body through inflatable balls of 10 to 22cm to stimulate the bones, elongate tendons, and stretch muscles to free restrictions in any parts of the body. Since it acts on the central nervous system, it also calms the mind and regulates the autonomous nervous system.


  • Aligns the pelvis, spine, and the rest of the whole body

  • Eliminates pain and stiffness from any part of the body

  • Increases mobility

  • Prevents injuries common to athletes and dancers

  • Heals previous injuries

  • Increases muscle vitality and bone density

  • Restores the body of postnatal patients

  • Corrects posture



As the bone shrinks with age, the skin sags around it.

This work lifts the bone and muscle gently by activating the muscle, increasing the blood flow, toning, and reversing the effect of gravity.



  • Reduces neck and face wrinkles

  • Lifts the face

  • Brightens the skin

  • Eliminates headaches

  • Lightens the tension in the eyes

  • Alleviates and treats sinus problems

  • Releases and aligns jaw joint

  • Relaxes the body and calms the mind








Our feet are the foundation of the body and that Yamuna Foot Fitness is essential for everyone at any fitness level. Strengthen your feet and you will strengthen your whole body. This program gives you simple proactive tools and solutions that can help you alleviate pain and prevent it.

Keep your feet happy and healthy.


  • Realign your feet

  • Train how to walk correctly

  • Eliminates pain 

  • Alleviates, treats and prevent all sorts of problem(such as Plantar fasciatus, Morton’s Neuromas, hammer toes, and bunions etc)

Who should do this?

Someone who has pain in his/her foot

with Problem with bunions, plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, hammers toes , etc.

Someone who wants to learn to walk and run in correct way.

Someone who has misaligned legs, pelvis and spine.


Table Treatment

This treatment is done on a massage table, or bed using the ball on one side of the body while the practitioner works the other side of the body molding it and extending it around the ball. This treatment translates Body Rolling into a hands-on therapeutic session. The experience is an effective, deeply therapeutic unwinding that frees joint mobility and lengthens muscles and realign body.

It stimulates bones and increase bone density. 



Special attention is given in the table treatment to the key joints in the body that tend to become restricted for various reasons such as improper alignment and arthritis. The hips, the knees, the ankles, the shoulders and even the feet are given joint space through this technique to increase in range of motion,  reduce friction and eliminate discomfort


  • Realign your body

  • Eliminates pain 

  • Release whole muscles

  • An experience you have never had before!

Who should do this?


who suffers from pain, or lack of mobility and stiffness.

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