Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling  

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“In 10 sessions of Pilates exercise, you will feel the difference; in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body

                                         by Joseph Pilates


Yamuna Body Rolling 

Body therapy, self-massage, and stretching exercise 

                                               ALL in one.


It is a life-long solution to keep the body functional at all ages.



Group Sessions


a group session

DUO Pilates 50min.

Single session 

combo of 10 sessions 

​1st Trial session 

Pilates Reformer DUO (2 people)



Single session 

combo of 10 sessions 

Private Session

Pilates Reformer 

Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Foot

Massage Treatment

60 min / 65

90 min / 90

120 min / 110


Yamuna Table Treatment Massage

Yamuna Face

Yamuna Foot



Pilates sessions with Noriko changed my habitual movements and transformed my body to a new one.
Noriko assesses and  observes my body structure and movement with great attention and fixed the misalignment of my body.  She is very kind, cheerful and encourage her clients.  
I used to suffer from stiffness and pain. Yamuna Body Rolling gave me a mobility and flexibility. Pilates helped me to strengthen the entire body. A great combination!!
Y. H
"It is much better than any massage! I feel great and released after the Yamuna Body Roling session. "                        
K. Y
My Facial session with Noriko was fantastic. She first prepared the room in a special way with soft music, lavender-mandarin aroma therapy, and a cozy blanket. These things and her kind way of being made me relax even before the session had started. The session itself was very pleasant, much like a massage to the face. It was so resting that I fell asleep a few times. Noriko has soft and gentle hands, and her high level of experience with this technique made the session a very exceptionally pleasant and effective. I particularly loved the final touch of the warm steam towel on my face and the fact that I could stay relaxing afterwards. I certainly recommend this to anyone looking for something that lifts, rejuvenates, and brightens the face without any invasive procedures. The difference was clear and my state of mind also became much more peaceful. Thank you, Noriko. I am definitely coming back!     
M. R
Yamuna Body Rolling is such a wonderful method!! 
It helped me to eliminate the pain from which I was suffering for years. Thank you Noriko, Thank you for Yamuna Body Rolling
S. T

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