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I am Noriko Tojo. I was born and grew up in Tokyo. During my undergraduate studies in Political Science, I went to live abroad for the first time to study in Italy for a year. Since then, I felt in love with traveling and have lived in many countries.

I lived in Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, and now Barcelona, Spain. I used to work as a musician and language interpreter before I discovered Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling practices.

After giving birth to my first child, I had major back pain and misalignment of the pelvis, which brought me to the practice of Pilates. After the few sessions, I felt immediate relieve, and after 6 months of practice, my body was transformed into a completely new one.  Fascinated and curious to know how this practice worked, I decided to study Pilates and later became a certified instructor.

When my second child was born, I had much greater mastery of my body and muscles, so I had not post-partum issues. I continued studying the body through the practice of Pilates. During my studies, I came across Yamuna Body Rolling and became once again astonished with the results. Through many years of study and practice, I learned to use both as tools to tailor sessions and/or lessons that help improve or maintain the heath conditions of individuals based on each person’s anatomical features and needs.  

Professional Accreditations

Certified Polester Mat, Reformer, and Studio Pilates

Polester Pilates is one of the best Pilates in the clinical field as it was invented by a physiotherapist


Certified in Pre-postnatal Pilates, diastasis recti recovery by the Center of Woman’s Fitness

Yamuna Body Rolling 

Yamuna Face

Certified TRX instructor

Certified Xtend Barre instructor

My Passion...

I am fascinated by how each person's body has a unique structure based on lifestyle and genetic makeup.

I feel privileged to have the chance to serve as a guide to help people improve their body conditions and acquire a more pleasant body self-awareness. 

The results that my clients experience are my biggest joy!

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